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Hidden object games are such an amazing games to try your skills for concentration and focus. If you love hidden object games, one of the most recommended places to play them is called Hidden 247. What is Hidden 247?

Hidden 247 is where you are able to play only the best free hidden object games. The site has a large collection of interesting puzzles, points, and click and spot the difference games. It is time for you to test your observing skills in these exciting challenges. You are able to find the different items at the screen that will help you to solve the mysteries around you. Some of the hidden object games that you will be able to find and play include the Mystery Express, Wizards School, Echoes in the Motel, The Robbed Temple, The Raiders, Neighborhood Burglar, Investigation, Scent of the Forest, Queen’s Summerhouse, Darkness Calls, Our Nearest Allies, Kingpin on the Run, The Last Train, Vintage Gems, Reclaiming the City, Haunted Theater, and many other ones.

Feel free to play completely free online games with no downloads and pleasant to have fun. Hidden 247 is your best choice for playing the new hidden object games. Can you find the hidden objects in the game? Please use your superior skills to find the hidden objects from the list as quickly as you can and try to not make mistakes.

These paragraph will inform about one of the hidden object games on Hidden 247 named The Alchemist Village. Please read everything well and slay the game by completing the task asked on the game.

Do you believe that someone could turn a stone into gold? Some people are not sure about that because most of them do not know a lot about alchemy but it should be true according the legends. If you do not like to believe in legends, you could take it metaphorically. Turning stones into gold can mean investing a lot of efforts and energy into something that could result with a great a success.

However, The Alchemist Village turns the player back into the time of the real alchemists. First of all, you will meet Patrick who is one of the greatest alchemists in the magic land. The alchemist comes to the village of alchemist today. This village is actually the place where Samuel lives.

Samuel is the name of the only alchemist who owns bigger powers then Patrick but he is very sick and does not have any strength to continue with alchemy. He loves to share all his secrets and all the knowledge with Patrick and that is why Patrick is there and he hardly waits to start learning. In the game, you will take a look at the alchemist’s village to learn something.

If you want to know about the other hidden object games on Hidden 247, please visit the official website of Hidden 247. There are tons of interesting games to play that can help you to train your brain.

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