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All the games of Hidden 4 Fun are free to download. If a certain game is available to download, you will get it after clicking download. There are a few games that that do not require you to download. Here are some Hidden 4 Fun Hidden Objects 247 no downloads.

The first one is The Mystery Express. No one wants to experience train robberies. In those cases, the authorities will suspect everyone as a possible robber. The entire train is being checked to find the suspect. But in this train, no one knows what is going on yet. Three people named Arthur, Charles, and Frank were traveling by train to a very important business meeting.

On their way to the business meeting, they were stopped mysteriously at the next train station and each person, had to have their documents checked. All of them were already late to the meeting and even though they did not know what is going on, they decided to help everyone to find the documents so they could speed up the entire process.

The second one is called Scent of the Forest. There is no nature. People may able to invent everything to be artificial but they surely are not able to copy the vivacity that hides in each creation of the nature. There is a huge fan of nature named Janet. The girl uses every free time for taking a walk in near the forest. The forest has strawberries, the fruits that she loves the most. In the game, you can help her find first forest strawberries for the year.

The third one is Darkness Calls. Melissa, who is known by the local citizens as the city witch, once in a mouth visits a house that is placed at the end of the city. There is something certain about this house. It is known as the scary one. Everyone who lives in the city knows that there are ghosts living there, meaning that it is not a favorite place for anyone, except for Melissa, because she is some kind of a friend with the ghosts.

Melissa believes that her power as a witch lies in the ghosts and they give her power and knowledge for performing the magic. Now the girl is here, he has to find all the objects that were left hidden by the ghosts and use them for her magic. This thing is some kind of a refresh for her magic and she uses it on regular basis.The story of Melissa and the ghosts may sound little bit strange or little bit scary for you because it is not something you hear that often. However, you may actually find it very interesting.

There is another one known as Echoes in the Motel. As you can guess from its title, it is another mystery game about the motel. So, which one you want to play among the four? All of them are easy to play as they do not require you to download.

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