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Hidden 247 is such a perfect site for those who are looking for the games. This one offers a lot of things, including the games about detective. If you are looking for the detective games to download, here is the list that you can get.

  1. Sky Detective

Heather is the name of a stewardess in one airline company. People think that she has a very interesting and exciting job because sometimes she wakes up in a different state almost every day. the girl meets so many new people, she visits a lot of new places and she has been on places that most people have never ever heard about them or thought they really exist. There is a truth in that but the whole trust is even more exciting.

No one knows that the work of Heather is just a mask that she uses to hide her real profession. There are several jobs that need to be done undercover and as a matter of fact, the girl is actually an undercover detective. She travels each day in a different place and stops serious accidents to happen in the airplanes, including stopping things like plain kidnapping, drug smuggling or even terrorist attacks.

In this case, Heather has to check out in details if everything is fine with the plane, before the flight. Aside from that, she also needs to check out the baggage of the passenger which means a lot of job. in the game, you need to help her.

  1. Midnight Thief

Usually, the thieves decide to do their crimes during the night. It is logic since there are less people during that time on every place, except the night clubs for instance, but who wants to rob at a night club? Robberies usually happen in stores, homes, banks, and the robbers or the thieves love to operate when it is more quiet and no one could interrupt them or even catch them. Perfect crime is where there is no one around.

Amy is the name of one of the best detectives in the robbery department. She gets a call from the director of one of the biggest banks in the town this night. The director reports that there has been a robbery in his bank exactly on midnight.

For now it is believed that the crime has been performed by only a person, meaning that the thief was quite skillful and probably with enough experience. The detective begins working on the case with the aim to find out who was the midnight third. She knows the task but let us help her to catch the thief faster.

  1. Sunday Crime

Sunday afternoon is probably one of the best time to do a crime. A detective named Tyler is working on a case of a crime done exactly on Sunday afternoon. He is working now to find the objects stolen from the house of the collector Patrick. In the game, you need to help the detective on solving the case.

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