Hero Techniques How to Play Hilda Like a Pro on Mobile Legend

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Hilda is known as one of the most inviolable tanks in the game called Mobile Legends. The role of her may just be that of a tank, but her physical capabilities are enough to take on anyone and slaughter them in cold blood. It is better for you to not underestimate this hunter. When the eyes of her are set on something, she will do everything in her power to seize what she wants.

The abilities of Hilda:

  • Blessing of wilderness (passive)

When entering the bush, the HP Regeneration Speed of Hilda increases and she earns a shield for 5s, which absorbs damage equal to 10% of her max HP. This effect is able to be triggered each 10 second. When her HP drops below 30%, she earns greatly enchanted HP regen effect.

  • Art of hunting (active)

Hilda locks onto an opponent target, every time dealing 120 points of Physical Damage. Skill is able to be released three times at most. The second attack will deal damage to the surrounding of the target, and the third one will knock back the targets and surrounding enemies temporarily.

  • Combat ritual (passive)

Hilda activates the runic ability of the great sword, increasing her Movement Speed by 6% for 3 seconds and enchanting her next Basic Attack: It deals 200 points of Physical Damage and slows the target by 70%. Beside, it also deals 120 (+60% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to enemies behind the target.

  • Power of wilderness (active)

Hilda can jump toward the targets and slashes powerfully dealing 700 Physical Damage and temporarily stunning the target. Aside from that, nearby opponents also take 60% of this skill damage. Every kill or assist enhances Power of Wilderness, increasing the Physical Damage by 40, stacking up to 10 times.

If you want to play Hilda like a pro on Mobile Legends, here are some hero techniques that you can try:

  1. Be aggressive in the beginning of the game. You can roam to the other lanes if you need to. When you reach level 4, you are essentially an assassin for non-tank heroes.
  2. When in doubt, you can head to the bushes (increased HP regen + free shields every few seconds). Please try to make going to bush a habit for you.
  3. Get your 10 assist/kills as soon as possible. When she reaches it, her ult deals a s***load of damage even without any physical damage items.
  4. Hilda is such a good roamer even before level 4 and such a great jungle-stealer with her second skill. If you are not able to kill the enemy hero, at least you are able to take their jungle monster.
  5. Rose Gold Meteor is such a great item for her as long as you can get it as soon as possible. You can combine the shield and the “HP regen boost while dying” from her passive, RGM is an important pseudo-Immortality for her.

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