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Free Fire is a Battle Royale game on mobile. It was developed and published by Garena in 2017. Currently, it is the most popular mobile Battle Royale game in the world. While Free Fire still keeps all the core elements of a Battle Royale game such as the safe zone, armor and helmet. The game has its own flavor to stand out among other titles.

Other than normal kinds of grenades, Free Fire introduces the Golden Dragon Gloo Wall. It is a kind of grenade which makes a Gloo Wall instantly. The Gloo Wall will be able to block bullets and incoming projectiles, except for the shot from the M82B sniper rifle. It has a really high amount of HP, creating it a great tool to make an instant cover to defend or push.

For your information, the default Gloo Wall has a shape like an ice wall with blue white color. You are able to change the way Gloo Wall looks by equipping different skins. Usually, you need to pay a lot of Diamonds to get Gloo Wall skin or be very lucky to get skins from events or redeem codes. Now, we are going to show you a way to get Gloo Wall skins for free easily.


ThisĀ guide will help you get Free Fire Gloo Wall skin for free. We are going to alter the game files of Free Fire and change the default model of the Gloo Wall into the model of a different skin of your choice. Here is a detailed guide about how to change the game files of Free Fire and get Free Fire Gloo wall skins for free.

  • At the first step, you need an app that will let you access the whole of android’s file system so you will be able to alter Free Fire game files. If your device does not have such an app yet then our best two recommendations are Root Explorer and File Explorer. You are able to find both of these apps easily on Google Play Store for free.
  • Now, you will need the Free Fire game files with the Gloo Wall skin which you want. We will link all the game files for different Gloo Wall skins down. These are rar files and you will have to extract them.
  • After that, you are able to open your File Explorer app and copy the com.dts.freefireth folder from the rar file.
  • Please navigate through the internal phone storage and find the ‘data’ folder.
  • Then, paste the ‘com.dts.freefireth’ folder to the ‘data’ folder. There should be a notification which says there is already a ‘com.dts.freefireth’ and asks for your confirmation to overwrite it. Please accept it.
  • Everything should be done now and the default skin of your Gloo Wall is now changed. You are able to open Free Fire to check if it works yet and enjoy your new Free Fire Gloo Wall skin free.

If your Gloo Wall skin is still the same, you are able to double-check to see if you pasted the folder at the right location or not.

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