First Implementation Scripting the Map Editor Allowed on Far Cry

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As we know that Far Cry 6 will be released on February 18th, 2021. Before it is released, there are a lot of people who discuss the previous game and then they try to express their ideas about what things will be present in the next game of this series.

In the Ubisoft Forum, there is a thread entitled Simple/ Manageable FC^ Map Editor Improvements That Would Go A Long Way. In this thread, he tries to explain about what improvements should be added by Ubisoft in Far Cry 6. There, he writes about the gamemode, map browser, editor specifics, modifiers, scripting and some more.

In the Scripting section, he writes that scripting has been one heck of a good time to play with. Definitely, it has taken the editor to the next level. Understandably, it has been a little glitchy considering Far Cry 5 was its first implementation. Scripting in the map editor permits him to be able to go wild with his creativity. But unfortunately, it brings him back down to earth when it does not work the way he wants. It just has one script run at a time and it really limits his map concepts.

The scripting is not able to spawn or unspawn specific objects, even if they do not have physics. It is not able to spawn/ unspawn control zones for AI. According to him, there is an example of scripting which limits his creativity. It was when he tried something at a black hawk down map where he lost at 70% completion. This map has a lot of cinematic moments and was filled to the brim with scripts, features and control zones. Furthermore, he explains in detail how it is in the forum.

Well, this thread is just a thought of a player who hope that Far Cry 6 will have a lot of improvements. So, he tries to explain the things that Ubisoft should improve in the Far Cry 6. But of course, since Far Cry 6 is not released yet, we do not know how it will be even though there are some speculations and leaks about the things that will appear in this new series. So, just wait and see.

In the Far Cry 5, if you want to start a map, you have the option to choose a Canvas and game mode. Also, you have the option to edit one of your previously made maps or a map that you have added to your favorites in the Browser. Scripts will add a lot more diversity to the map and they even are able to change the total structure of your map.

Actions in the game can be moved up or down or removed. It will determine which scripts play first, scripts also have options for when another script is already running. It is limited because you can only queue the script or stop the script from working. Also, it is a shame that you are not able to run two scripts at once. If the script is complete you are able to link it to a trigger point.

If you want to know more about the first implementation scripting the map editor permitted on Far Cry 5, you can discuss it with other players in the Ubisoft forum.

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