Fireboy and Watergirl Ghost Temple

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Fireboy and Watergirl is a fun game to play. This game seems easy to play but actually this game is rather challenging. In this game, there are two characters including Fire boy and Water girl and they both have to be able to pass all of the levels by facing the obstacles.

This game has some series and in each series you will be able to see different obstacles that you have to deal with so that you will be able to feel different experience when you play it. You may want to try to play something scary in this game. If you are a horror lovers, you are able to try to play Fireboy and Watergirl in Ghost Temple in Angry Ice Girl and Fire Boy.

As we know that these characters has been in a lot of places and they dove into the mysterious of multiple temples, jumped through the portals in Crystal temple, avoid meeting with the strange creature in Forest Temple. However, the scariest of all was Ghost Temple where they were once at night. In this game, you will not go to labyrinths and multiple puzzles, but you will meet numerous scary ghosts of red and blue color which sent goosebumps down the spines of both characters. Friends need to deal with them as quick as possible to be able to get out of this Angry Ghost Temple. To be able to do this, both characters in the game have to shoot missiles to the inhabitants of temple and destroy them. The girl should be able to eliminate blue ghost and the boy should be able to eliminate the red ones. You are able to shoot it with mouse, choose the direction and then power of shot.

It is important for you to know that number of shots on each level is limited so you have to be careful when you use the shot. Make sure that the shot that you use can shoot to it precisely. The number of limitation of the shots is denoted by the hearts in the upper left part of the screen. So, you have to see it before you use the shots so that you know how many shots that you have. You should spend for clearing level as few missiles as possible and it will make you earn some more stars.

When can we play this game? You are able to play it online in some websites such as You are able to play this game online for free. You just have to open your PC or mobile and then access the site. Find the game and then play it. Since this game is online, you have to make sure that you have internet connection in the device that you use for playing this game.

If you think that this game is fun to play, then you are able to invite your friends or family to play this game as well. So, have fun with the game and good luck!

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