Find the Count of Minecraft Blocks and Items in a Region of Chunks

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In Minecraft, blocks are known as the standard-sized block units, whose appearances different from one to another. They make up the landscape of the Minecraft world and are used in a lot of mechanics of the game.

Every cube is unique and offers you building materials, decoration, utilities, and crafting. For instance, an emerald block functions as both compact and a building material means of storing emeralds. Blocks are able to be placed, unlike most other objects. They make up in the in-game environment and are able to be placed, collected, and used in a lot of ways. A few of them naturally spawn, such as dirt or stone while the other ones, such as bricks and redstone lamps, have to be crafted by a player.

Logs, for instance, is one of the most useful blocks, due to the widespread use and requirement of it in a lot of crafting recipes. Each player-made structure is created by using multiple blocks of one, or some different varieties. Some blocks have special uses. For instance, Jack o’Lantern, sea lanterns, and glowstone are able to be used to light underwater areas, because they all cannot be extinguished by water.

The transparency levels by which blocks are able to be classified are divided into three:

  • Transparent blocks, such as water and air.
  • Semi-transparent blocks, such as leaves and glass.
  • Opaque blocks, such as cobblestone or wood.

Keep in mind that the most transparent or translucent blocks cannot have torches placed on them.

The face of the block is 16×16 pixels, and every block is proportionately one cubic meter. Blocks are mostly static, even though lava, portal, water, and fire ones have a shifting pattern. While the texture of the default texture pack has 16×16 block faces, there are the ones with 32×32 or even 64×64 textures. These ones usually require a mod.

Talking about the block, there is a user called XxZenqxX shared the idea about commands that counts blocks on the community of Minecraft. He thinks it would be useful for players like him, who build things in Creative and copy them over to Survival, to have a command that is able to count blocks of each kind in a given area.

For instance, once you execute /count (101, 67, 303) (107, 76, 309) chat will display:

  • Acacia Planks: 56 Stone Button: 2 Oak Fence: 16
  • Aside from that, you could also specify which block type you want to be counted as shown:
  • Once you execute /count (101, 67, 303) (107, 76, 309) Minecraft:acacia_Planks chat will only display:
  • Acacia Planks: 56

Some other users love the idea of the thing that is able to help on counting blocks (and probably items). This kind of thing actually already existed in some mods, but it would be nice to have it in vanilla. It would be really useful for block by block tutorial creators. Counting how much of a certain block you used in a big farm or build can be tricky so it would help a lot.

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