Far Cry Weapon Suggestions for Future

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Are you a player in Far Cry games? If you play this game, what do you think about the weapons? As you know that the weapons in that game are always recycled from the previous games. Have you imagined being able to get new weapons. So, do you have suggestions for future weapons in Far Cry games?

In the Ubisoft Forums, there is a thread about weapon suggestions for future in Far Cry games. In the title of the thread even there is a sentence which states that Far Cry needs to stop recycling old weapons. In that post, it is written that in the Far Cry 6, it will recycle every piece of crap weapon from past entries again. So, he posted the list of new weapons. In that post, he also gives the chance for others to add their suggestions if they have any ideas.

Here is the list of weapons and you can add your suggestions.


– Sig P210 (legend this thing)

– Sig P320

– Glock 17

– Walther PPK

– Walther P38

– Walther PPQ

– Walther P88

– Browning Hi Power

– HK USP45

– HK Mark23

– HK P7 M13

– HK VP9

– CZ 75

– CZ P10

– FN FNX45

– FN 5.7

– Welrod


– Colt Python

– Colt 1873

– Gasser 1870

– Smith & Wesson 500


– Benelli SuperNova

– Benelli M3 super 90

– Benelli M4

– Mossberg 590A1

– Mossberg 500 ATI Tactical

– Winchester 1897 trench gun

– Remington 870

– Ithaca 37 defense

– Fabarm STF12

– Keltec KSG

– DP12

– USAS12

– Franchi Spas 15 (no, not 12)


– Glock 18

– Sig Sauer MPX

– FN P90

– HK MP7A2

– HK UMP45

– CZ Scorpion EVO 3

– Walther MPL

– Beretta PM12

– Carl Gustav M/45 aka Swedish K

– B&T MP9

– B&T APC9 pro


– Thompson 1928

– Sterling SMG

Semi Auto Rifles:

– M1A1 paratrooper

– Remington Model 8


Assault Rifles:

– FG42

– HK G36 (C, K)

– HK 416

– HK G3

– FN Scar H

– FN Scar L

– CZ Bren 2

– CZ Bren 308

– AK12

– Steyr AUG

– AS Val

– Sig 550

– B&T APC223/300/308

– STG44

– IWI Tavor

– QBZ95

– OTs Groza


– HK21

– HK MG4 or MG5

– Knights Armanent LAMG or LWAMG


– AK16

– IWI Negev

– DP28

– FN240


– Sig MG 338

Sniper Rifles:


– HK MSG90A2

– HK G28

– Walther WA2000

– SR-25/M110

– MK14 EBR

– VSS Vintorez


– SVK (SVD successor)

– SV98

РSword International MK18 Mod 1 Mjölnir

– Barrett M107A1

– Barrett M95

– Accuracy International L115A3

– Accuracy International Arctic warfare Covert

– Accuracy international AX ASR

– Steyr HS50

– Steyr SSG M1

– Steyr SSG69

– FRF1


– B&T SPR300


– Mobile Mortar (transportable)

– Tranquilizer gun

However, there is another player who states that if Far Cry changes the weapons, then it will not make sense since the locale of Far Cry is based on Cuba and historically they have been supplied by the Soviets during the cold war. In the real world, they have AK47 and if we think that Ubisoft is recycling old weapons then it is a wrong thinking. If a work of a fiction is based on real life, so it must happen like this. If there is no AK47 to begin for example, then it will not make sense. So, what do you think? Does Far Cry really need new weapons? You are able to give your suggestions in the Ubisoft Forum in a thread about Far Cry Weapon Suggestions For Future.

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