Far Cry Map Editor Inquiry That Requested by Player Around the World

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If you visit Ubisoft Forums, you will be able to find a thread about Far Cry Map Editor Inquiry. However, it is not requested by players around the world. If you also have some ideas about Far Cry Map Editor Inquiry, you are able to visit Ubisoft Forums, find this thread and then express your request there.

Here are the Far Cry Map Editor things which are requested by a player in Ubisoft Forums. Actually, he is an avid fan of Far Cry map editor and he has been using it since Far Cry 2. He spends a great deal of time making intricate, detailed maps with smooth gameplay and now he just wants to make some recommendations for Far Cry 6.

  • First, he wants that Far Cry has pre-made solo or multiplayer maps which have gameplay that would rival Call of Duty. In addition, he also wants that Far Cry will ensure that these maps are artistically spectacular and unique. He is aware that Ubisoft did it for Far Cry 5 and he suggests that they will expand and focus on this in Far Cry 6.
  • It is better if Far Cry has the possibility of creating template maps. It is the same as the wilderness generator. The maps are able to be used by players to quickly make a decent map with smooth gameplay.
  • Is it possible to sponsor some player maps prior to the release of the game? If Far Cry can find some players that make spectacular maps based off of the standard of Ubisoft, they can use them to do the heavy lifting to be able to create various maps for the players to have quick access. He also hopes that it would inspire players to learn how to use the map editor and engage in the map making community.

Well, if you have Far Cry Map Editor inquiries, you are able to find this thread in Ubisoft and then type your comments there.

Talking about Far Cry Map Editor, there are some things that you have to know about the Map Editor of Far Cry 5. The first thing is about Far Cry Arcade. It is the new hub in Far Cry 5 for playing user-made solo, co-op and multiplayer missions and it is a separate entity to the primary campaign. It is able to be accessed via the main menu or by interacting with some arcade machines which are found dotted around the single-player game world. However, you are not able to access the Far Cry 5 map editor via Far Cry Arcade. The level editor is only accessible via the primary menu of Far Cry 5. It means that if you want to build, you have to exit Hope County and go back to the title screen.

You are able to find more than 9000 assets that you can pick from in the level editor. These include more than 500 assets from Far Cry 5 alone and they will cover the full roster of weapons, animals, vehicles and enemies found in the main game.

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