Fact Story Check About the Creator of Subway Surfers

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Subway Surfers is named as one of the most popular games available right now on mobile phones and there are a bunch of tricks you are able to deploy to enhance your experience. However, apart from just enjoying the game, a lot of people are now asking why this game was created, and this is because of a tweet that went viral, suggesting that it was developed because the son of the creator had died.

Even though it is just a mobile game, Subway Surfers remains massively well-known to the point where it has even influenced huge Ips onto the mobile market such as Crash Bandicoot On The Run. Tons of people continue to play the mobile game regardless of where they are, so it is understandable that it still has a huge following online.

However, the thing that will surprise people is the claims on Twitter that Subway Surfers was made and created to honor the son of the creator who allegedly died. The viral tweet has nearly 250,000 likes. Apart from just claiming why the game was made, the viral tweet also suggests that the son had died because of a skating accident on a train track. Is the claim true? Here is the fact story check about the creator of Subway Surfers.

Here is the tea, the claim is not real. During a press conference, the creator of Subway Surfers named Mathias Gredel Norvig said he was influenced creating the game by passion, streetlife, music, skateboarding, and street art. Basically, it has nothing to do with his son.

The rumor about it is actually not new. Back in 2017, this peculiar claim also blew up on the Internet. According to a post on Facebook that has been deleted, the origin of this rumor can be traced to a subway surfing incident in New York. It was related to Christopher Guttilla.

The one called Christopher Guttilla was being sought by the police after he shared a dramatic Instagram video in 2017 that showed him surfing a train in Queens. It went viral, gaining more than 9,000 likes. His father, Joseph Guttilla said that his son was being exploited by a friend to make the thrill-seeking videos. He claimed that his kid was autistic and diagnosed with a mental illness, which explains why he was fixated on trains.

Joseph then explained that his son started subway surfing when he was 14 and continued doing it despite their attempts to get him to stop his risky acts. He was sure that a friend of his son was manipulating him to increase their own social media popularity.

In the end, Christopher Guttilla surrendered himself to the police after his father spoke to the media. In fact, he did not lose his life from subway surfing and there have been no more viral moments from him since then. In that year, the story of Christopher Guttilla was twisted around to make up a fake backstory for the development of the Subway Surfers video game and now the same claim has been revived in 2020.

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