Dominate The Enemies Using Raze in Valorant Game

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As we know that Raze is one of the most fun agents to play as in Valorant. She fits well into quite a lot of compositions, that is really helpful.

The abilities are really important for playing well in Valorant. But, one of the biggest problems with players you will find is that they do not know when to use them. Understanding the abilities of each agent is really important, but so is actually using them at the right times. This is what you need to know about each of Raze’s abilities, and when you can use them to their best effect.


The boom bot is a cute little robot, looking like a Roomba. You are able to use it to clean out a section of the map. If it sees an opponent it will be able to lock onto them, then it will be able to explode. It does a fair amount of damage. There are a few uses for the boom bot for playing Valorant as Raze:

  • Clear an Area with the Boom Bot. In Valorant, Raze’s boom bot can be dispatched down a corridor or lane. You are able to use this to clear out an entire lane at a time.
  • Follow Up. With this running, you have some options for how to follow it up. This uses the boom bot to scuttle opponent players giving you an advantage.
  • Take Another Route. The bots give a kind of recon where it heads since you hear happen, you are able to take advantage of this. You will be able to take another lane which leads to the same spot.


Blast pack is one of Raze’s most versatile abilities. You are able to use it offensively and defensively. It is a pack which you can throw onto surfaces, it sticks there. Then, you are able to detonate it pretty easily. These are some options for it:

  • As a Trap. This is the most vanilla use of this weapon, but it will get the job done.
  • Crowd Control. An explosion that damages those at the front of the pack can give you a little time to get your team around and positioned to deal with attackers.
  • Pushing forward. You are able to chuck these, so throwing them ahead to scatter enemies or do some damage works too.


Paint Shells are a fun version of a grenade for Raze. These grenades are able to be thrown, they explode, then split into smaller grenades, which then explode again. If someone is caught in range all of these explosions will do a lot of damage. These are the best times to use these:

  • Offensively. The offensive capabilities of this are nice self-evident, throw it at the thing you want to die.
  • Stop a Push. You are able to use these really well to stop an enemy team pushing against you.
  • Sage. If they are able to catch a player in the slow orb, they are dead with a grenade hit.

Those are some general tips and tricks for playing Raze. In Valorant, Raze is a really fun aggressive agent to play as. She makes a decent addition to most team compositions.

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