Disappointed Problem Special Skin Animations and Skill Effect on Mobile Legend

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A user called waternation on Mobile Legends forum reported about Balmond special skin “savage point guard bug animation. He said he just brought the Balmond special skin “savage point guard” and there is a huge bug that the animation for skill 1,2 and 3 never display properly. Aside from that, it is also not as advertised as it seems to be. He was really disappointed with this purchase and wanted to fix this as soon as possible.

As the answer to the report, a user named Xaverine suggested waternation to try this way first. The first thing that should be done is to go to Settings. This one is a gear icon located beside your mailbox, top right screen. Then, tap Network Detection. The next thing is to tap to Resource Check and then tap the green Check button. After that, wait until you noticed that said resources analysis succeeded. The fifth step is to tap Cache Clearing and then tap the green Click to Clear Cache button. The last step is to tap the green Okay button. When it is done, please wait until the game restarted and feel free to try any match to check if this issue still happened.

Waternation said that he tried the method suggested by Xaverine but it was not working. He then sent an email to the CS team of Mobile Legends. Xaverine suggested another method about solving the network unavailable or connections failed. The instructions are on the forums so please go there to find them. That is to troubleshoot your network connection to get the results about your connections when trying to connect to Mobile Legends. Please follow all the steps. After that, contact the in-game customer service and provide the result. While waiting for the official update, you are able to use VPN to pass the Game Loading progress and you are able to switch to your connection after your login succeeded.

Another user called Teddnator said that he also brought the new skin on his second account. The animations are all fine, but they look very well and the ultimate looks sick. He suggested checking the quality you have set. He noticed that most people do not have the option to set their graphics to High, the highest they are able to set is to Medium. Maybe it is a big that is able to be fixed over time but checking to see if the problem is your phone is needed.

If you want to know the whole discussion and thread about problem special skin animations and skill effects on Mobile Legends started by Waternation, it is better for you to visit the forum of Mobile Legends. The forum is open and available to be accessed for free, unless you want to join the discussion that requires you to sign in. If you have something to ask, do not hesitate to contact the customer support of Mobile Legends.

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