Christmas Mahjong 247

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What do you want for Christmas? Some people want for Christmas is the best Christmas Mahjong around on, which is also known as Christmas Mahjong 247. Christmas spirit has a new place here and your favorite kind of game is now in a beautiful Christmas theme with great music, mahjong tiles, and 12 different layouts that can keep you entertained with mahjong game all Yuletide long.

Christmas Mahjong 247, a Christmas style of Mahjong Solitaire, is plated just like the original 247 Mahjong game. The only difference is that this one has a great Christmas theme. All that you have to do in thegame is to match mahjong tiles in identical Christmas pairs in order to remove them from the Christmas board layout. The strategy that you can use is to remove all the tiles from the Christmas board. Once this one is achieved, you will be the Christmas winner. Apparently, the special mahjong tiles are shown. All of them are able to be matched to any of the tiles in their set. Basically, Flower Christmas Mahjong Tiles may be matched to any of the other four in the same set. Christmas Mahjong 247 is a real mahjong lifesaver as the games get difficult. Hope you have a holly jolly Christmas this year with Christmas Mahjong 247.

Another Mahjong game on 247 with Christmas theme is called Christmas Star Mahjong 247. This game will be a beacon of fun in your hectic holiday season. Please take some time to play the best mahjong tile matching game around. Do not forget to make sure you show your friends the way with this game to let them enjoy the best present of the year.

Christmas Star Mahjong 247 is easy and fun. All that you have to do in the game is to match mahjong tiles that are identical in order to make them disappear like Christmas magic from the mahjong tile board. There are some special mahjong tiles explained on the basic layout Christmas mahjong. All of them will help you on your wise man mahjong way.

Christmas cannot be separated with winter. Aside from Christmas Mahjong 247 and Christmas Star Mahjong 247, you may also want to play Winter Mahjong 247. Winter Mahjong 247 is the chillest mahjong solitaire game on the site. This one is also available on all tablets and phones so make sure you look for the game out in the mobile world. It is a wintery seasonal mix of your favorite mahjong solitaire game, with 11 mahjong layouts and wonderful mahjong tiles that you will find no where else on the web. It is quire easy once you learn the basic mechanics. You can just match identical tiles in pairs to remove them from the mahjong layout. You may also use flower and seasonal mahjong tiles to match to any in the four mahjong tile set. Do not forget that only mahjong tiles with an open vertical side can be clicked during the game.

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