Building Northwest of Misty Meadows is the Best Places Land on Fortnite

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Sometimes, it is not an easy thing to decide where to land on Fortnite. However, you may have heard that Building Northwest of Misty Meadows is the best place to land in this game. Is that true? Well, every player may have their own opinion about it but now, let’s see the explanation about the building northwest of Misty Meadows being the best places to land in this article.

Building Northwest of Misty Meadows is one of the best places to land in Fortnite games. In the game, this building is located to the east of a bridge and it has a chest on the bottom floor for you to gather loot from. This place is out of the way and located in an area where you are able to find a lot of other chests.

If you decide to go to the water nearby, you will be able to find a buoy that you are able to use for swimming that has another chest together with a bus that you are able to destroy for parts along the way. If you want to stay away from the heat of battle, it is a good place that you can use as your start.

If you want to see the situation in Misty Meadows, then you are able to watch some videos on Youtube. Here are some videos about it.

  • A video of Fortnite Events entitled Land At Misty Meadows and Finish Top 25 Fortnite which was uploaded on June 17th, 2020.
  • A video of Knight Breaker entitled Fortnite Challenges Guide – Land At Misty Meadows And Finish Top 25 which was uploaded on June 18th, 2020.
  • A video of BrancoB entitled Misty Meadows Floating Rings All 4 Locations! – Season 2 Chapter 4 Fortnite which was uploaded on August 27th, 2020.

Of course, Building Northwest of Misty Meadows is not the only best place to land. There are the other best places to land in Fortnite. One of them is Northwest of Frenzy Farm. This place is a good one for staying away from the action while collecting loot and resources. If you want to find this place, you have to look for a big hill to the northwest of the Frenzy Farm. It is better for you to avoid landing right smack dab in the middle of the farm. Instead, you are able to go to the large hill. There, two chests and vehicles will be found and you can use them to destro for parts.

House to the south of The Authority is another best place for landing in Fortnite. This spot can be found south of The Authority across water and to the east. This place is secluded but it is still close to busy areas so that it will permit you to be able to get right back into the action if you want. After you land on this spot, you can break through the roof and get the chest on the top floor which is followed by the two down below.

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