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When you have spare time, you may want to do something which is not only entertaining but also can test your ability in certain thing. There is a game named Word Wipe and it can be played by everyone online at Arkadium website. How to play it and what kind of game is it?

Word Wipe is a game where there will be letters and you have to search words there. In this game, you have to put your brain to test with this free word search game. This game is a word puzzle that pits you against the clock. You have to form as many as words that you can to clear rows and advance to the next level. Since this game requires you to be able to find word, so you need to master wide range of vocabularies and also you have to be thorough when you are playing this game.

How to Access The Word Wipe Game at Arkadium

If you want to play this word wipe game, you have to visit the site. Here are the steps to access the game.

  • First, you have to access the Arkadium site at
  • When you are in the homepage of the site, you will see a three lines (menu) in the top left of the screen. Click on it and then click on Games.
  • Then, you will be brought to a Games page and there are a lot of options of the games that you are able to click to play. Find Word Wipe Word Search Game and then click on it.
  • If you are not able to find the game in the Games page, you are able to click on Word section at the top of the Games page and you will be directed to the games about words.
  • Find Word Wipe Word Search Game and click it.
  • The screen of the game will load and click on Play button.
  • There probably will be an advertisement, so you can wait or you can click on Skip Ad.
  • There will be Play button again and you have to click on that button to play the game.
  • At last, click on Begin.

The Instructions of Word Wipe

There are some instructions that you have to know before you play the game.

  • If you find a word, you have to click and then drag the letters that form it to clear those tiles.
  • If you find the longer word, you will get the more points as well.
  • This is not your average word search since you are also racing against the time. If you are not able to clear enough rows on time, it will be game over.

So, to play this game, you have to know much about vocabularies, be thorough, and also do it fast so that the game will not be game over.

You are able to try to play this game now and enjoy your time to play!

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