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There are a lot of online games that you are able to find in the internet. One of them is Arkadium Bridge that you are able to find in the Search Amateur Games platform. So, what game is it and how to play this game? We are going to explain about it here.

Search Amateur Games is a site which offer you entertainment zones on your favorite hobby, animal, sport or passtime. Here, you are able to find free online games to play, features clubs, best board games, electronic toys and many more. One of the online games that you are able to find in this site is Arkadium Bridge. You are able to access the game at When you access it, in the left side of the screen, there will be a list of free Bridge Online games and one of them is Arkadium Bridge. To play the game, click on Arkadium Bridge.

After you click on Arkadium Bridge in the Search Amateur Games, you will be brought to the game and you have to enter your name. After entering your name, do not forget to click on New Game. Do you know how to play this game? The aim of this game is to score points by winning hands which called tricks during the play. The team which is able to win the best of three games is the winner.

When you bid in the game, you are beginning the number of tricks that you think your team can win if a specific suit is trump. A bid includes number which is 1 to 7 plus a suit. The team which has the final bid need to make that number of tricks + 6. When bidding process, every time it is the turn of player to bid, they may make a bid or pass. If the opponent of player has made the most recent bid, they may be able to double the bid. Either opponent can redouble the bid. In case the player doubling wins and makes the contract, they are given double points. It is important for you to know that the auction will end when 3 players in a row pass. The player who makes a bid which is last is named the declarer.

How about scoring? Contract points are assigned to each trick bid. Bonuses are determined for the level of the contract and making a double or redoubled contract. The points of overtrick are determined for each trick that was taken over the contract number of tricks. The points of penalty are given to the declarer’s opposing team when the declarer does not fulfill the contract.

Well, you are able to try to play this game now to know how it is. If you need a help when you are playing this game, you are able to click on Menu button at the top left of the game. Then, you will have to click on Help and Tips. You are also able to click on Game Options to activate or deactivate Music, Sound Effect and Show Help at game start.

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