Adapting the Miscellaneous Gamemode Concept on Far Cry Into Multiplayer

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Far Cry 6 is not released yet but there are some players who think about the better things which should appear or should not appear in the game. Well, it may be because they are very excited with the release of this game and of course they expect for a better game.

If you access Ubisoft forum, you are able to find a thread which was made by a player. The title of the thread is Simple/ Manageable FC6 Map Editor Improvements That Would Go A Long Way. One of the points that he states there is about gamemodes. He states that there are a lot of gamemodes which were added in Fry Cry 5 and these gamemodes permitted players to be able to make unique experiences. But, they also have limited the potential of players’ creativity. He thinks that these gamemodes are good for players who want gameplay structure to their map or struggle to develop a map which effectively states the objective. Makers of map who want to make a more unique experience, maybe with objectives combined from game modes which are different or none at all.

Furthermore, he thinks that if Ubisoft wants to make all of the players happy, then they may be able to offer the similar gamemodes from the previous title and also offer a miscellaneous gamemode. What do you think? Do you agree with miscellaneous gamemode? You are able to publish the map with no gamemode objectives or with a combination of them by simply adding them from the gameplay objects folder.

If they are added to the map, spawning in would state any objectives like a normal gamemode or none at all. The ability to make a miscellaneous map will permit players to be able to broaden their creativity. So, they are able to publish artistically visual maps, open world “choose your path” maps or maps with AIs which are endless on a respawn timer would have immense replayability.

As a Fry Cry player, the thinks that multiplayer gamemode have never been fun for him. The movement, then gunplay in multiplayer gas never been competable to other AAA games. There have been multiplayer map which is incredible which is created, but they only offer TDM and FFA which make playing them boring quickly.

So, he thinks that adapting the miscellaneous gamemode concept to multiplayer could really blow up the arcade community. You are able to imagine to hop in the arcade and play a scuffed version of Trouble in Terrorist Town or a milsim style map, or horror/ dead by Daylight style map or a cops and robbers map. These maps will be a real possibility with this miscellaneous gamemode. This gamemode will give you the ability to customize the player on the other.

What do you think about these opinions? You are able to access Ubisoft Forum and find this thread for more explanation about this. If you have any other opinions, you can share there. However, we are just players who hope for something that we want, but of course the one who will decide how Far Cry 6 will be, it is the Ubisoft Team. So, just hope for the best for Far Cry 6 which will be released in 2021.

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