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I am Nurani Dani webmaster of www.aarp-games.net, in my blog you can find hundreds of Free Games Review, Tips and Guides for newbie. The hobby of playing online games is often associated with lazy habits. Especially the assumption that parents who don’t like their children have the habit of playing online games.

Even though in a number of countries, professional gamers have become a profession that brings in large amounts of money. Not only that, citing Science Alert, there are actually six advantages for someone who likes playing online games:

  • 3D video games can increase the memory capacity of the brain
  • Video games can take pain relief
  • Improve children’s reading and writing skills
  • Tetris games can reduce psychological trauma
  • Make someone smarter
  • Video games increase brain volume

About us:
Name – Nurani Dani
City – Jakarta
State – Indonesia
contact: admin@aarp-games.net
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