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Senior memory games are a great way for seniors to exercise their minds. However, it is sometimes hard to find a senior memory game that a senior will enjoy enough to keep playing over time. In order to achieve the best brain boosting results, it is important that they play a different of brain training games and do so consistently. With that in mind, here is some free online games for senior memory.

All the free online games for senior memory in this page are able to be found on AARP. AARP can be described as the name of an organization that gives people power to select how they live as they age.

  1. Sudoku

Sudoku is known as a popular pencil puzzle. This one needs you to use problem solving skills in a fun, easy to learn method. It is available on just about any digital platforl and traditional paper. Aside from that, it is also able to be played online.

What makes Sudoku so good for you brain health? Sudoku needs logic and memory skills, that pushes the brain to make connections. The strategic thinking is also able to help you to imprve your concentration and ability to make decisions in a short period of time. Beside, when you finish the puzzle correctly, there is a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

  1. Word Puzzles

Word puzzles such as crossswords are able to help with memory retention. The challenge of them helps the brain form and maintain connections. In fact, they involve the left and right side of the brain. In addition, they also invoke logical reasoning. They also help seniors to learn the new words and recall vocabulary terms.

Doing a crossword puzzle is able to promote relaxation that is able to be therapeutic and calming, especially during a busy week. Actually, seniors do not need to complete the game alone either. They are allowed to be fun by playing the game with family or a group of seniors to bond over.

In AARP, there are a lot of kinds of free online crossword puzzles to choose from. For those who are looking for a crossword puzzle that is quick and fun, Mini Crossword and Daily Crossword are recommended. Both of them are great for challenging your mind at any time of day, and deliver a new crossword challenge each day. The site also offers bigger, more challenging crosswords of varying difficulties, from beginner to expert. All of the crosswords are updated regularly, so feel free to check back each and everyday for fresh and new rules.

Playing crossword puzzles is not hard. You can start by choosing your favorite puzzle. After making a selection, you are able to start filling in the puzzle. Please read the clues and then type the answers into the crossword puzzle.

Those are two kinds of free online games for seniors memory on AARP. To find out more free online games for seniors memory, visit the official website of AARP.

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