6 Valorant Tips for Beginners: Agents, Weapons, to Strategies

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Valorant is a new topic among gamers. This competitive PC game from Riot Games is similar to other FPS games, let alone CS: GO. Even so, many pro gamers CS: GO have retired and switched to Valorant.

For those who are interested in Valorant, this game can be directly downloaded for free on your gaming laptop. Make sure your laptop specifications are sufficient to run this game. Take it easy, because Valorant does not require heavy specs.

So, maybe you are confused about where to start?

If you play Counter Strike, it will be easier to adapt. But remember, Valorant’s gameplay is still unique and different. For ordinary gamers, don’t worry.

Important: Valorant strategies & tips you need to know


One important tip before playing any game is to adjust settings such as DPI and sensitivity according to individual tastes.

For gamers who have never played FPS, it may take several matches before knowing exactly what the settings are.

For those of you who play CS: GO or Overwatch, here is the sensitivity conversion:

  • CS: GO – sensitivity divided by 3.18181818
  • Overwatch – sensitivity divided by 10.6

In the controls section, you can see the default key for defusing and planting Spike is NumPad 4. If it doesn’t match this button, it can be changed according to your taste.

You can also change the crosshair in terms of color, transparency, size and more. Choose the one that suits your needs!


Each character in Valorant is called an agent. Unlike other FPS games, Valorant agents have many abilities / skills. This ability does not have a short cooldown (like Overwatch).

Most of the ability options must be purchased, similar to the flashbangs and frag grenades in CS: GO. Meanwhile, each ult can only be used again after passing several rounds.

The following is a summary of the abilities of each Agent that you can meet:

  • Ultimate (One): The most powerful & effective skill, but needs to be ‘charged’ several times (usually more than one round) before it can be used again. The way to ‘charge’ is to kills or finish objectives.
  • Signature (One): This skill can be used every round. How often or how many times it can be used, depending on each agent.
  • Purchaseable Skills (Two): At the start of a round, you can buy two extra skills. This skill is optional.


Well, now you have an outline of the skills that can be used. You also need to know the types of agents available, because each of these characters has different abilities and roles.

Four Types of Agents in Valorant:

  • Sentinel: Specializes in defense. Play an important role in protecting and supporting team fights.
  • Initiator: Agent for offense which is also used as a strategy to make it easier for the team to attack the enemy. For example the stun ability and the ability to show the enemy’s position within a certain range.
  • Controller: Ability to control the area by blocking certain parts of the team. Very important for defense!
  • Duelist: DPS agent who focuses on attacking and is at the front of the team ready to kill enemies. For beginners who want to avoid attacks, you should avoid this type of agent.


For beginners, it’s not uncommon to see the use of abilities too often (like in MLBB). Be careful, every time you use a skill, there will be a delay to switch to weapons. This makes you more vulnerable to being attacked by enemies. So, make sure you are in a safe position, before using a skill with a long delay.


By default, your agent will run when moved. You need to press the SHIFT key, to make your agent run. Why is this important?

If you run immediately at the beginning of the game, the enemy will easily find your position (because it is more noisy). In addition, it will be more difficult for you to shoot on target while running.


Yes, using a headset is a must in every FPS game. You can hear from the footsteps to the abilities. With this, you can immediately know where the enemy is.

When each agent uses the ultimate, they will say a unique sentence. If you hear that sentence, quickly run away before being hit by the deadly attack.

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