5 Landing Places Must be Avoid in Free Fire

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Ranked Game is a match mode which is certainly heavier than usual. For Free Fire players, a good start determines whether their game can be good or not. You also have to avoid the enemy if your item is not ready for battle. Of course, maps purgatory and Bermuda Free Fire have lots of great loot locations. So that many people choose this location to dive. Therefore, We will suggest a landing place that you better avoid so you don’t die too quickly.

1. Mars Electric

The first place that the player chooses to land is Mars Electric from the Bermuda map. This place does have a crowd favorite down because of a lot of loot.

This area does have a lot of buildings that can make you take cover, but there are also lots of open areas that make battles more difficult.

2. Brasilia

We go to the Purgatory map first, the location of Brasilia is the most favorite looting place. Many items will spawn in buildings in this area. The equipment level is also high so that many will drop.

This location is in the middle of the map so it makes perfect sense if you pass it or dive before you get to this area.

3. Peak

Just like the previous landing place, Peak is also in the middle of the map, to be precise Bermuda. This area contains lots of good loots and you can take cover in the building.

The problem is that there are also many players who come down here, you must be able to hide or win the war if you want to survive. That’s why this landing place is one that must be avoided.

4. Golf Course

The Golf Course is a location that is flanked by three other locations. Players who drop here can go directly to Quarry or Mt. Villa.

But the thing is, this place is so open that you can become an easy target if lots of people descend around it.

5. Mill

The last landing place you should avoid is Mill. Mill has 3 very large loot places with a large possibility of getting level 2.

You can go to Riverside without fear of opponents from the east because there are only sea and forest.

Since looting is important for every player, choosing where to land can be tricky because you want to beat other players to get the best weapon. Each location has different shapes, buildings, and weapons.

For the new Free Fire’s players, they might be a little confused about the best location to land, collect weapons or armor, to a safe place to avoid crowds.

those are 5 landing spots that you should avoid in Free Fire most crowded places containing the pro player of Free Fire and suggest you don’t land in the places that mentioned it. If you are confident enough with your skills, you can jump in this place.

But if you want to try to land in very vulnerable areas, you have to land quickly and collect basic loot items as quickly as possible, so you can shoot enemies when they land. If you select the edge area, pay attention to the smaller circle.

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