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You are probably expert in the game named Sudoku? Or you may get started to play Sudoku now? Whatever it is, of course, expert in playing Sudoku is really a must for you. Due to play  \an inviting and enchanting game is a little bit hard, for that reason, Sudoku appears to give you an awesome game to play. Then, how to play Sudoku?

As we know that Sudoku is a brain challenge number game which is played on a 9×9 Sudoku board. Then, the Sudoku board is broken down into nine 3×3 squares. Need to know that the Sudoku object in a game is totally simple at all. Every column, row and 3×3 box should contain the digits 1 through 9 only once in Sudoku board.

Sudoku provides four levels difficulty progresses, they are Sudoku Easy, Sudoku Medium, Sudoku Hard and Sudoku Expert. Of course, in every level has each difficulty. As the difficulty progresses, Sudoku is starting from easy level to expert level that become harder and harder. In this case, you need to have more advanced and strategic logic to resolve the problem.

Well, in this article, we are going to focus in explaining about Sudoku Medium. For this Sudoku game, we take the sample from one of online Sudoku game sites. That is 247 Sudoku that you can access at https://www.247sudoku.com/ with Sudoku Medium at https://www.247sudoku.com/sudokuMedium.php. This site totally provides the Sudoku game in complete level. So, accessing this site to play Sudoku game is recommended for you.

This level certainly will be played by users who have completed the easy level. Then, you will be up to medium level. Of course, this level is a bit harder than the easy level. But, the first thing that you have to recognize is a simple logic to solve this game problem.

For this medium level, you will be allowed to use the notes by clicking a pencil icon button in the bottom right corner. Then, the Sudoku tile on the outside will disappear to show the number only. Surely, in this mode, you are able to click a number to add a note or just type the note into Sudoku slot.

To play this medium Sudoku game at 247 Sudoku site, definitely you have to know for a feature called a helpful hint. This shows that if there are only two slots a possible number can be entered into, then, put them into the notes.  During playing the Sudoku game, from time to time, you probably notice the only one of possible placement is left. In this step, you will have a quick move to progress toward the Sudoku victory. It is so easy, isn’t it?

Tips to solve the Sudoku Medium game are:

  • Medium Sudoku will be easier when using the notes. So, don’t be doubt to use the note.
  • Medium Sudoku can be resolved with simple logic, but it does not contain superfluous clues like Easy Sudoku.
  • To get easier way, you have to use the notes when the two possible Sudoku moves left.

Now, you already know about the Medium Sudoku and get the easier tips to solve the Sudoku. Of course, it is a good time for you to play Sudoku in medium level. Good Luck!!!

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