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Are you interested to play a Japanese game called Sudoku? What make you so interest to play this challenge game? Do you believe that this game can make your brain smarter? Anything that you assume for this game, if you really love for this game, automatically you will keep playing this game continuously. Then, are you a beginner or expert of Sudoku?

Of course, for beginner and expert player of Sudoku has different difficulty to play. However, it can be a parameter in which Sudoku appears with difficulty level to pass. Like most other games, Sudoku comes with four levels in each difficulty. It is starting from easy level to expert level. Certainly, if you are a beginner of Sudoku, it is totally a must for you to play the easy level of Sudoku. Indeed, it will guide you to reach the medium to expert level as well.

Talking about Sudoku easy level, of course, it is really good for a beginner in which in this level, you will be guided to solve the problem. However, playing the easy level of Sudoku is needed especially for new beginner of Sudoku. Of course, a new beginner who wants to play Sudoku does not know a lot about Sudoku either how to play or tips to reach point.

For that reason, we are going to share the Sudoku easy level for the tips and the ways to play it. Then, the source that we take to be a sample to explain comes from 247 Sudoku site. If you are so curious to know about it, definitely you can access this site at https://www.247sudoku.com/ with easy level at https://www.247sudoku.com/sudokuEasy.php.

Before you go on playing the Sudoku in easy level, it is really better for you to look for the pages or sites which describe about the ways and the tips as well. So, this page is for a sample in which we will tell for detail about this game.

AS we know that Sudoku easy level is for all beginners who are looking for an understandable, quick and fun Sudoku game. As a fact, Sudoku is relatively easy game to play. Then, the 247 Sudoku site is a gorgeous place for you to start playing Sudoku. You can get easier and enjoyable way of playing this game through this site.

How to play Sudoku?

Sudoku game is played by entering the digit 1 to 9 into each 3×3 box, column and also row anly once. In this case, you cannot enter the same number in a row or a column. To enter the number, you have to click the tile, then click a number that you want to place in box. To win Sudoku, you need to place all numbers correctly into the board. Then, if you want to get 3 stars on Sudoku Easy Level, you have to complete the puzzle game in under 5 minutes.

Note for beginner: Don’t guess! Make sure that you enter the right number in Sudoku board. If you have limited time, absolutely you can add 30 seconds to your game time!

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