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In some websites in the internet, you are able to find Freecell game. But some of the games may be in new variations and look. You may want to play the game in old style. Can we find the old style of Freecell game online? Let’s find out!

Freecell is a solitaire card game and the standard 52-card deck is used to play the game. Basically, this game is different from most solitaire games in that few deals are unsolvable and all cards are dealt face-up from the very start of the game. This game has been included by Microsoft with every release of the Windows OS since 1995 so that this game can be popular until now.

So, where can we play this game online for now? If you want to play Freecell game online now, you are able to play it in 123freecell.com. In this site, you will find seven variations of the game including Freecell, Double Freecell, Baker’s Game Freecell, Eight Off Freecell, 2 Freecells, 2 Freecells, and 1 Freecell. As you are able to see that the Freecell game in 123freecell.com is a full screen classic solitaire card game. In this game, you have to build stacks of cards in descending order and opposite color which is red and black. You are also able to drag and drop any card into one of the four cells which are free and it is on the top left. However, you can try to have an exit-strategy for that card.

This game is a game which is fun and  also need challenging skill. This game is able to be won almost every time as long as you can get the right moves. In this Freecell game, you have to do these:

  • building tableau piles down by alternating colors.
  • placing all cards of freecell into the foundation piles to win the game.
  • you may move 1 additional card for every open space (free cell or empty column)
  • working hard on your skills because virtually every free cell game can be won.

As you are able to see that the look of the cards in the 123 Freecell is not old enough. The look of it is modern enough so that you may not feel nostalgic with it. If you want to play Freecell game with old style of the cards, you are able to play the game at:

  • Online Solitaire that can be accessed at online-solitaire.com/freecell
  • Online Game that can be accessed at onlinegame.co.id/game/freecell-classic

The look of the cards in the sites above are in old style so that if you want to play the game with nostalgic feeling with old style look of the game, you are able to access the sites above and play the Freecell game there.

Well, you are able to play Freecell game now in the sites that you want. If you want to play the other game cards such as Spider Solitaire, Klondike Solitaire, Patience Solitaire, and many more, you are able to play them at 123freecell.com or other sites.

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